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How to install from wsp file:-

Check in Services whether "SharePoint 2010 Administration" is started or not. if it is not started then start it.

Go to Start -> Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products -> SharePoint 2010 Management Shell

Write the following commands to deploy the webpart to your SP site.

PS C:\Users\user1> Add-SPSolution D:\FBAUserManagement.wsp
PS C:\Users\user1> Install-SPSolution -Identity FBAUserManagement.wsp -WebApplication http://yourWebApplicationURL –GACDeployment

In your SP site go to "Site collection features". You will find "FBAUserManagement Feature", Activate it.

Add the web part to your site and use it :)

Build instructions:-

1. Download the source code.
2. Open it with VS 2010.
3. In the Properties Window and change the Site URL to your site.
4. Right click on the project node in Solution Explorer and Deploy.
5. Open your web.config file and add the following line in appSettings

<add key="FBAUserNamePrefix" value="i:0#.f|YourMembershipProvider|" />

Be careful about renaming the "YourMembershipProvider" to your Membership Provider.

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